Email Examiner Application To Investigate Email Header

Although it's been associated with the email investigation of the widest variety of cyber crime, forensic science would have also used it to succeed in most of the cases which are related to cyber forensics. Forensic email analysis comes in use for written document, emails, investigation techniques to identify, analyze, examine & to collect the forensic email evidences. Now, what our Forensic email analysis software is capable of is can analyze spam email headers by searching the exact email evidence which has its header changed and later by analyzing the email evidence thoroughly by performing numerous actions to it.

Investigate Email Header In Case Of Email Spoofing

There are a wide number of ways for affecting one's confidential information via an email message used as the source and one of such ways is the spoofing of email messages.

Basics of Email Spoofing

Email spoofing is basically a tricky attack for giving rise to a detrimental statement or bringing out sensitive type of information or details from the user on the other end like; passwords, pin, etc which somehow the email examiner can easily get hold of the accused by examining and analyzing email's (spoofed) mail header and parts of it to the nucleus.

How One Can Get Rid of These Common Attackers

Basically the users who are dissatisfied or dismissed from their designations, business competitors, etc with the motive of revenge carry out such types of criminal activities via the mode of cyber tricks. And spoofing is one of them and may reveal your confidential data via the credentials provided with trust to the other user through email message; such mails usually come from suspicious email account. Hence, with email examiner the users can unveil the culprits behind cyber offense activities by analyzing the source code of email evidence as it allows viewing and analyzing HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME etc. code emails.

Know How To Examine Email

Such emails have to be examined so that collecting email evidence against cyber criminal who did email spoofing can be done by exporting the email evidence or by converting into EML, MSG, PDF & HTML files. So the users can use our email examiner. It has the accuracy of serving you with the ability of analyzing an email with email examiner to bring out the culprit behind such cyber crime activities and is also known as Email Attachments Examiner as it also helps analyze attachments within an email.

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Vital Roles of the tool to know How to Examine an Email

View Email HEX Code

This advance feature of Forensic email analysis Software will allow users to view and analyze the code email formats like HEX, RTF, HTML, MIME etc which is quite an impossible thing and this will enhance users confidence to investigate cyber crime case related to it.

Analyze spam email headers

Analyze spam email headers role is the most exclusive role to be played in Forensic email analysis as it analyze email headers and parts of it deeply to identify whether the email header has been changed or not?

Search for emails by name

The Instant search facility provided in it does not only searches for emails by name or evidences the cyber security tool is also capable of searching email evidences by To, Cc, Bcc, Body, Sub, etc of email and as well as attached files to emails which as a result saves time & energy both.

Convert PST to HTML

With this feature the users will enable to collect their forensic email evidences by converting them into easy accessible files like EML, PDF, MSG, HTML. It gives options to convert files like PST to HTML, EDB to HTML, OST to HTML etc.

Download Free Edition: Explore Potentials of Fast Email Search Utility

Get the demo version of forensic email examiner for examining forensic email evidence. Test its search files faster capability to know how to perform fast email search procedure & user defined criteria. In trial version you can get the advantage of unlimited recovery & analysis of emails for 30 days. Also multiply the benefits by exporting upto 50 emails absolutely free. For unlimited file transfer purchase full version of forensic data analysis toolkit